Below you can see a list of finished theses as well as theses in progress that were elaborated under my supervision. If you are looking for a topic for your thesis, they might serve as inspiration. If you have any questions, own ideas or if you are just curious, feel free to contact me.

Notice: If you are not a student of the Department of Informatics or the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, you are responsible to find a professor who will supervise you.


Crowd Density Estimation from Aerial Imagery

Master Thesis, Florian Krüger, 2020

Through crowd density estimation, an estimate for the number of individuals in an image can be obtained. State-of-the-art methods yield precise estimates by utilizing deep learning architectures exclusively. Aerial imagery is … Read more

Multi-Keypoint Tracking on Synthetic Crowd Data

Bachelor Thesis, Oliver Becker, 2020

Due to the great advances in machine learning, many complex problems now become tractable. One such problem is pose estimation, which has attracted a lot of attention recently. Image-based pose estimation aims … Read more


Artificial Data for Activity Recognition

Bachelor Thesis, Kristina Katovich, 2019

Video-based activity recognition is a research field of broad interest. There exists a variety of methods that tackle this problem, most of which are working directly on image data. However, artificial / synthetic data have already proven their value for various tasks in machine learning. Kristina is therefore ivestigating whether such data can also be applied to the problem of activity recognition. Read more

Multi-Person Pose Estimation using synthetically generated Data

Master Thesis, Andreas Blattmann, 2019

Pose estimation is a quiet challenging task in the field of crowd monitoring. The promising JTA dataset provides an easy way to generate many poses with annotated ground truth keypoints. However, the gap between synthetical and real data ist quite big, therefore Andreas tries to minimize the distance between both domains. Read more

GAN-based Anomaly Detection

Master Thesis, Nils Murzyn, 2019

Anomaly detection plays an important role in a wide range of applications. In the field of video surveillance, image-based detection of an anomalous situation should be achieved. The requirements for … Read more

Density-based Crowd Counting

Bachelor Thesis, Tobias Bleymehl, 2019

Density Based Crowd Couting is getting used more often to further improve the work of various areas in modern society. State-of-the-art methods accomplish better results estimating counts and positions … Read more


Crowd-level Person Pose Estimation

Bachelor Thesis, Thomas Dissert, 2018

Body pose estimation with deep learning programs on image-data is a common and heavily studied subtask in computer vision. The objective of this work is to evaluate the current state-of-the-art person pose estimators … Read more